Bridge campaign reporting gaps with ChannelMix

Centralize and standardize campaign taxonomy and metadata for up-to-date analysis of campaign performance across marketing channels and platforms.

  • Standardize campaign tracking across ad platforms
  • Add campaign metadata to your media datasets
  • Pace campaign performance in real time
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There is a better way to report on your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Link campaign performance data across your entire marketing ecosystem without relying on complicated naming conventions, spreadsheets or manual data stitching.

Clean up campaign names

for holistic reporting across every marketing touchpoint

Pace campaign budgets and goals

to ensure your campaign delivers on time and on budget

Easily share campaign progress

with turnkey campaign dashboards for Tableau and Power BI

Create a single source of truth for campaign data

Goals, budgets and a common key to link them across platforms all that can be shared within your team or with external agencies.

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Clean up messy campaign names

No matter how the campaign name is entered in the UTM or source platform, ChannelMix will clean up campaign names with a common key for holistic reporting.

Stretch your campaign budget farther

Spending too much on Facebook? Google Ads performing better than expected? Daily reporting lets you shift your budget where it will have the most impact. 


Increase campaign effectiveness

Reduce overspending

Maximize return on ad spend (ROAS)

"It has been the best decision my organization has made to partner with ChannelMix. They're a leader in the space and they serve as an extension of your internal analytics/BI team."

Meghan Dimas
Analytics Director | Infinity Marketing

Our 90-Day Solution Guarantee

Your first 90 days include a managed proof of concept. If you're not totally satisfied with your analytics solution during that time, you can opt of your contract risk-free.